Beautiful Pattachitra

Beautiful Pattachitra

Pattachitra is a famous traditional cloth painting in India, mostly from Orissa and West Bengal. Pattachitras are traditional and one of the oldest art painting forms in India. These paintings are inspired by Jaggannath and the Vaishnava cult. The usage of natural colors is a noted specialty of these paintings. They are made by traditional painters, colloquially known as chitrakaras.

This canvas painting is done in rich colourful manifestations having creative motifs and designs. These paintings are based on old murals of Orissa, especially on the cultural centers of Puri, Bhubaneshwar and Konark. The best masterpieces can be found near Puri at a village of Raghurajpur. Fortunately, the old tradition of Oriya paintings still survives at places like Puri, Raghurajpur, Chikiti, Sonepur and Paralakhenmundi. And we exploit the scope of this availability to the maximum possible extent but in the most ethical manner.

Earlier there was a very thin line between painters and sculptors in Odisa. So, the possibility of simultaneous origin of painting and sculptural art in odissa can never be neglected. They arrive in multiple forms like that of paintings, greetings etc.

These depictions of art include:

Badhia: (Depiction of Jagannath Temple),

Krishna Lila: (enactment of Jagannath as Lord Krishna)

Dasbatara Patti: (Ten Incarntions of Lord Vishnu.

Panchmukhi: (depiction of Lord Gnesha as Five headed diety

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