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Kashmiri Rugs and Carpets


Kashmiri Carpets are renowned mainly for their beauty and magnificence. These carpets have intricate design and floral style with a wide range of colors, sizes and qualities.They are also known as Kashmiri Rugs Kaleens & Daris They are made of pure wool, silk or sometimes an adequate mix of silk and wool is used. The unique colors like Sapphire blue, Ruby Red, Emerald Green and Amethyst further enhance the pictorial elegance of these carpets.

When it comes to design, they have floral designs with culturally important motifs such as Paisley, Chinar Tree and Tree of Life. These designs pleasantly reflect Kashmiri hospitality and warmth in abundance. It is important to such an extent that, an ideal home adornment seems to be incomplete without these Kashmiri Carpets.

Kashmiri rugs have Persian impact and they stand second only to the famous Persian rugs in terms of impact, quality and beauty. Mostly these carpets are handmade and hand knotted by immensely skilled people. The carpets are available in innumerable sizes ranging from 3’ x 2 ‘to 14’ x 10 ‘.

Since intensive labor and handwork is involved, these carpets or rugs are made only on custom order basis. You can place your order for the following sizes.

1)      3’ x 02’

2)      4’x 2.6 ‘

3)      5’x 3 ‘

4)      6’x4’

5)      7’x5’

6)      10’x8 ‘

7)      12’ x 9 ‘

8)      14”x10’

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